Movement Library

Movement Library

Don’t understand a movement from the daily programming?  View photos and descriptions of the movements here.

Board Game

Draw a grid with 24 boxes (6 across, 4 down).  The first box is the “Start” space.  The last box is the “Finish” space.  Fill the remaining boxes with exercises.  Allow athletes to roll a dice to determine which exercise to begin with.  When the exercise is complete, the athlete rolls and moves to another exercise until the athlete reaches the Finish.  Athletes can mark their spaces with their initials and erase them when they move to a new space.

Rope Squats

Attach a band to a squat rack.  Loop the band over your torso and squat, leaning back slightly.  Perform 3 sets of 10 reps with a 10-count up and 10-count down.