Mobility Work for Youth Weightlifters

Olympic weightlifting requires more than strength.  It requires mobility, or flexibility through a range of motion.  An athlete with limited mobility can still lift weights, but the athlete cannot reach his full potential as a weightlifter.  For instance, an athlete who struggles to maintain an upright torso in the bottom of a squat can compensate [...]

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Always End with a Game

What do kids like?  According to Shiloh Ellis, youth athlete and coach, "Kids like games."  At 12-years old, Shiloh is likely the youngest CrossFit and weightlifting coach in the United States.  Shiloh is so passionate about coaching that he completed a CrossFit Level 1 course and received a special certificate for his efforts.  Shiloh recently [...]

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Combatting Perfectionism in Weightlifting

I recently observed an athlete perform 20 power jerks, 10 split jerks, 25 clean and jerks, 6 minutes of plank holds, and then finish by completing 120 dumbbell thrusters at 60% of bodyweight.  All of the athlete's work was technically sound, and the athlete made no misses despite going up to 90% on the clean [...]

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Secrets of the Squat

Has your squat stalled out?  Are your lifts limited by weak legs?  If so, you might be thinking . . . I need to squat more!  More weight, more reps, more days per week, more leg-related accessory work, etc.  However, the real secret to success may be the opposite. I spoke recently to coaches of [...]

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Should Girls Train Differently?

The sport of weightlifting is the same for males and females. At competitions each athlete executes six lifts: three in the snatch and three in the clean & jerk. An athlete’s total score is determined by adding the highest successful snatch and the highest successful clean & jerk. So, if competitions are the same for [...]

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Programming Pointers from Hassle Free Barbell

A good coach is always searching for the best tools for his athletes.  One tool is the plan, or program, used to develop an athlete.  A good program generates growth while keeping the athlete injury-free.  As mentioned in an earlier article, a weightlifting program is not like a cookie cutter.  A plan designed for one [...]

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Umm . . . We don’t DO that

"Today we will be doing panda pulls before the snatch and clean & jerk exercises," explained Coach Ed, head coach of the Guam national team.  Coach Ed continued talking, but my mind was consumed with getting out of the panda pulls. Our family recently moved to Guam, and my son, Hutch, and I are trying [...]

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Creating Champions: The Garage Strength Way

Dane Miller, owner of Garage Strength in Pennsylvania, coaches some of the most successful young weightlifters in the United States today.  Miller’s athletes have claimed national and international weightlifting medals and include members of USA Weightlifting’s Junior National Team.  Five of Miller’s athletes were on Team USA's 20-person team at the 2017 Junior World Championships [...]

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5 Benefits of Training Backwards

The athletes of Lift for Life weightlifting club in St. Louis, Missouri, enter the gym and head straight to the squat rack to begin their training. Wait, what?!  Squats first? Traditional weightlifting training progresses from the most complex movements—the clean and jerk and the snatch—to less complex movements.  A typical training session in any weightlifting [...]

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Is Undertraining the Secret to Success?

In the past month, I have had the opportunity to speak to the coaches of two of the most accomplished youth weightlifters in the United States—Kevin Simons (Harrison Maurus's coach) and Ray Jones (C.J. Cumming’s coach). When asked about their athletes’ training, I listened in eager anticipation: I expected to hear tales of grueling training [...]

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