Maximizing Your Insulin Response

“Carbohydrate” has become a dirty word in recent years due to the popularity of high-protein diets like the Paleo Diet and the Keto Diet.  These diets strive to maximize the body’s fat burning abilities by keeping insulin levels low and forcing the body to use fat as fuel.   Unfortunately, these high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets do [...]

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The Most Important Thing

What is the most important aspect of developing a youth weightlifter?  Coaches of elite youth weightlifters weigh-in on the most important part of the process:   Ray Jones, coach of Youth World Record Holder C.J. Cummings and 2019 Youth World Team member Dade Stanley Keeping athletes healthy and injury free.  I want to see my [...]

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Hand Care for Young Lifters

New lifters often regard ripped hands as evidence of their hard work, proudly displaying them in social media posts or parading them around the gym for everyone to see. More experienced lifters, however, know that damaged hands just slow you down. When the hands are torn or tender, barbell work becomes painful and difficult to [...]

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15 Performance Enhancing Foods

Steroids.  Testosterone.  Human Growth Hormone.  These performance enhancing substances are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) when present in the body in high concentrations.  Did you know that you can reap the benefit of these and other performance-enhancing substances, however, in a completely legal--and healthy--way through food? Here are 15 performance enhancing foods to [...]

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What if I Don’t Make Weight?

The countdown is on for USA Weightlifting's (USAW) National Youth Championships, aka Youth Nationals, and tensions are rising.  Among the stressors is . . . body weight.  Weightlifting is a weight class sport, which means that athletes only compete with others in their same weight range.  This will be our family's fifth Youth Nationals, and [...]

Preparing for Youth Nationals

After preparing my son for five USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals, I have become an expert—not because I have done so many things right, but because I have done SO. MANY. THINGS. WRONG.  Let me spare you the agony of my mistakes— Daytona Beach.  The mere mention of this city sends shivers down my spine.  Daytona [...]

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Should I Go To Youth Nationals?

With Youth Nationals a mere five weeks away, and a registration deadline of May 17, 2018, it is time to make a decision: Go to Youth Nationals or Not?! Participation in USA Weightlifting's National Youth Championships, aka Youth Nationals, has exploded in recent years.  In 2017, around 900 youth athletes participated in the competition held [...]

Sleep vs. Training: Which is More Important?

It is 5:00 AM, and my phone alarm begins playing a soft melody, attempting to gently coax me out of a restful sleep while bluntly reminding me: "You are an adult. This is not a vacation. Get up and face reality."  I roll out of bed, wake up my son and daughter, and try to [...]

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Are You Doping?

Me?  Doping?  Of course not!  I don't manipulate doctors for unnecessary prescriptions, buy from shady characters in dark allies, or even buy generic supplements.  I only buy brand-name supplements from reputable manufacturers at legitimate retailers. If these are your thoughts, keep reading . . . On March 29, 2018, Abby Raymond, a 14-year old weightlifter [...]

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Preparing for College Weightlifting

If you love weightlifting as a youth athlete, you may want to continue the sport in college.  Vance Newgard, head coach of the weightlifting program at the Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site, offers some advice for preparing for life as a college weightlifter: Northern Michigan University weightlifter, Bret Pfeiffer, caught Coach Newgard's attention as [...]

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