Hampton Morris – November 2017 Featured Athlete

Meet Hampton Morris -- our featured athlete for the month of November.  Hampton is a 13 year old youth weightlifter from Marietta, Georgia and is currently competing in the 50kg weight class. When did you get started in this sport? My first meet was on July 9th, 2016. What (or who) got you started? My [...]

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Antwan Kilbert – October 2017 Featured Athlete

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our featured athlete for the month of October: Antwan Kilbert.  Antwan is an amazing athlete and inspiration to young weightlifters in the US and abroad.  His character, as well as his strength, is admirable (and something worth paying attention to!). When did you get started [...]

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Elle Hatamiya – September 2017 Featured Athlete

Please let us introduce you to our featured athlete for the month of September: Elle Hatamiya.  Besides being an Instagram sensation, Elle is an amazing athlete (in weightlifting as well as dojo and gymnastics).  Elle is currently 12 years old and competes in the 35kg class. Where is home?  Albany, California When did you get started in this [...]

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Creating Confidence: An Interview with Jenny Schumacher

A large black Labradoodle ambles toward the entrance of Proven Strength and Conditioning, the weightlifting gym co-owned by Jenny Schumacher in American Fork, Utah.  Schumacher calls to her dog, Fonzie, and the dog retreats; the dog’s interest in the newcomer is satisfied with a glance at the familiar face. Schumacher, who coaches six days a week, [...]

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Kyle Martin, Jr. – July 2017 Featured Athlete

Please let us introduce you to our July 2017 featured athlete: Kyle Martin, Jr.  Kyle is ten years old youth weightlifter competing in the 44 kg weight class and is from Oley, PA. When did you get started in this sport? At age 8 What (or who) got you started? I would go to the [...]

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Coaching Harrison Maurus: An Interview with Kevin Simons

USA Weightlifting held a technique training seminar on Friday, June 22, in conjunction with the 2017 National Youth Championships.  The seminar featured youth world record holder, Harrison Maurus, Maurus’s coach, Kevin Simons, Pyrros Dimas, and Tamas Feher.  The big names drew a large crowd of athletes, parents and coaches.  Tamas Feher led the seminar, explaining [...]

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The Gift of Coaching: An Interview with Dennis Espinosa

Coach Dennis Espinosa, of Salina, Kansas is a well-known name in U.S. weightlifting.  Espinosa has been a weightlifting coach for over 20 years, is an International Weightlifting Federation Category I Referee and has coached numerous athletes to the national and international levels.  In this interview, Espinosa talks about the benefits of youth weightlifting, the challenges [...]

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Journey to Bankok: Dean Scicchitano’s Path to Youth Worlds

In 2012, Dean Scicchitano competed in his first weightlifting meet.  At age 12, he had a bodyweight of 58kg.  Dean lifted a meager 16 kg in the snatch and 23kg in the clean and jerk—a performance only a mother could love. Fast forward five years . . . Dean is one of the top youth [...]

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Three Generations of Champions — An Interview with Nils Engbarth

Weightlifters in Germany typically belong to teams sponsored by the athletic clubs in their cities or villages.  A team can consist of lifters of different ages, genders, and weight classes.  Competitions occur on Saturdays, when two teams compete against each other for a win. Lifters earn points according to how much weight they lift per [...]

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In the Shoes of an Olympian

Abby Flickner, of Shawnee Kansas is your typical 13-year old girl. She loves to read, play the trumpet, and train in weightlifting shoes given to her by Olympian Morghan King. Ok, Abby is not so typical. She has been weightlifting since she was six-years old, has her own athletic clothing line, and holds three Youth [...]

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