Lessons Learned from the Youth Olympic Games

In October 2018, Peyton Brown and Jerome Smith traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to represent the United States at the Youth Olympic Games. Both athletes delivered outstanding performances, with both placing higher than any U.S. athletes have ever placed at the Youth Olympic Games. Peyton Brown (58 kg), age 17, earned a bronze medal [...]

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Building an Olympian: An Interview with Tim Swords

Tim Swords, coach of Sarah Robles, 2017 World Champion and bronze-medalist at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, shares what it takes to build an Olympian: Pursue your Passion.  When Coach Swords was a young boy, he visited a drug store with his mother.  At the store, he spotted a fitness magazine with a man [...]

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Preparing for Youth Nationals

After preparing my son for five USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals, I have become an expert—not because I have done so many things right, but because I have done SO. MANY. THINGS. WRONG.  Let me spare you the agony of my mistakes— Daytona Beach.  The mere mention of this city sends shivers down my spine.  Daytona [...]

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Representing in South America

In December 2017, Team USA sent four Under 15 lifters to Lima, Peru to compete in the South American Junior & Youth Championships & Tamas Ajan Cup on December 13-17: Haley Trinh - 53kg Abby Raymond - 58kg Dean Goad - 69kg Julia Yun - +75kg All four lifters represented Team USA admirably bringing home [...]

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New Predictions for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

In early October, we made predictions for who would represent the United States at the Youth Olympic Games in Who will Go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games? At the time of these predictions, however, only one of the three qualifying events had occurred.  Now, after the second qualifying event--the Pan American Youth Championships in Columbia (October [...]

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Who will go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of the sport of weightlifting.  It is the opportunity for weightlifters to own a piece of glory, to forever commemorate their dedication to the sport.  Being an Olympian is the most exclusive title within the sport.  Plenty of weightlifters can claim participation in world championship events, but very few [...]

What Does it Take to Make Weight?

Almost all weightlifters have done it—some to a small extent, some to a large extent.  No one, however, wants to talk about it.  And those who do talk about it generally downplay or lie about the extent of their behavior. You will hear weightlifters discussing the topic privately, trying to figure out the best strategies.  [...]

How Much Weight Would you Need to Lift to Earn an Olympic Medal?

  Male   Female   Youth Olympics (under 18)   Body Weight in Kilos Calculate   Data based on medals earned at the 2000-2016 Olympic Games and the 2010-2014 Youth Olympic Games. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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German Youth Weightlifting Competitions: Rules and Scoring

This article contains the specifications for Germany’s youth weightlifting competitions, as seen in “Youth Weightlifting in Germany.” For the original source of the rules and technical charts in German, see here and here. Youth weightlifting competitions in Germany have two parts: (1) weightlifting and (2) athletics. WEIGHTLIFTING Youth weightlifting competitions in Germany emphasize the correct execution [...]

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Finding Youth Weightlifters: 8 Sources of New Athletes

One of the biggest challenges of running a youth weightlifting program is . . . finding youth weightlifters!  While competitive weightlifting is growing in popularity, many parents still regard weightlifting as conditioning for another sport.  Generally, these parents will sacrifice weightlifting training in favor of the other sport or activity.  And too often, coaches of [...]

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