Should I Go To Youth Nationals?

With Youth Nationals a mere five weeks away, and a registration deadline of May 17, 2018, it is time to make a decision: Go to Youth Nationals or Not?! Participation in USA Weightlifting's National Youth Championships, aka Youth Nationals, has exploded in recent years.  In 2017, around 900 youth athletes participated in the competition held [...]

6 Ways to Avoid Burnout

“Real results in weightlifting are born of longevity,” Ursala Garza, Vice President of the International Weightlifting Federation, poignantly observed during a recent Catalyst Athletics podcast. History supports this observation.  The average age of an Olympic medalist in the sport of weightlifting is 25 for men and 24 for women.  The average years of training to [...]

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5 Fun Weightlifting Games

Weightlifting training can become . . . well, boring.  Months of devotion to the snatch, clean and jerk, pulls, and squats can transform committed athletes into zombies.  Shake things up with these five weightlifting games. Moving Day In competitive weightlifting, overhead stability is EVERYTHING.  An athlete can execute a textbook lift and not get credit [...]

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Sleep vs. Training: Which is More Important?

It is 5:00 AM, and my phone alarm begins playing a soft melody, attempting to gently coax me out of a restful sleep while bluntly reminding me: "You are an adult. This is not a vacation. Get up and face reality."  I roll out of bed, wake up my son and daughter, and try to [...]

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Are You Doping?

Me?  Doping?  Of course not!  I don't manipulate doctors for unnecessary prescriptions, buy from shady characters in dark allies, or even buy generic supplements.  I only buy brand-name supplements from reputable manufacturers at legitimate retailers. If these are your thoughts, keep reading . . . On March 29, 2018, Abby Raymond, a 14-year old weightlifter [...]

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Inside USA Weightlifting’s Talent Combine

USA Weightlifting is currently holding an online talent competition for high school students. The competition, offered at, evaluates athletes on three lifts: the bench press, back squat and power clean. Big prizes are offered to winners, making the competition worth entering: The top athlete per weight category will receive a trophy and an invitation to [...]

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Preparing for College Weightlifting

If you love weightlifting as a youth athlete, you may want to continue the sport in college.  Vance Newgard, head coach of the weightlifting program at the Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site, offers some advice for preparing for life as a college weightlifter: Northern Michigan University weightlifter, Bret Pfeiffer, caught Coach Newgard's attention as [...]

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Should I Coach My Own Child?

Parents choose to coach their children in sports for a number of reasons: No one else will do it. The parent is the most qualified person available to coach. The parent wants to spend quality time with his or her child while enjoying the sport. All three are valid reasons for coaching your own child [...]

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Secrets of the Squat

Has your squat stalled out?  Are your lifts limited by weak legs?  If so, you might be thinking . . . I need to squat more!  More weight, more reps, more days per week, more leg-related accessory work, etc.  However, the real secret to success may be the opposite. I spoke recently to coaches of [...]

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Should Girls Train Differently?

The sport of weightlifting is the same for males and females. At competitions each athlete executes six lifts: three in the snatch and three in the clean & jerk. An athlete’s total score is determined by adding the highest successful snatch and the highest successful clean & jerk. So, if competitions are the same for [...]

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