New Predictions for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

In early October, we made predictions for who would represent the United States at the Youth Olympic Games in Who will Go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games? At the time of these predictions, however, only one of the three qualifying events had occurred.  Now, after the second qualifying event--the Pan American Youth Championships in Columbia (October [...]

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Taking C.J. to Worlds

C.J. Cummings followed his older sister into the weightlifting gym when he was barely able to walk.  When he was 10, C.J. began lifting alongside his 11-year old brother, Omar. Now, at 17-years old C.J. is the number-one ranked male weightlifter in the United States traveling to his second senior world championship competition. I caught [...]

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How Much Protein Do Youth Weightlifters Need?

All weightlifters want to build more muscle, and building muscle requires protein. But just how much protein is appropriate for a youth weightlifter? According to Dr. Mark Lavallee, Chairman of the USA Weightlifting Sports Medicine Society, youth weightlifters should consume each day: 1 to 2 Grams of Protein per Kilogram of Lean Body Mass Lean [...]

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Cultivating New Talent

C.J. Cummings' coach, Ray Jones, shares his formula for identifying and creating successful youth lifters. Step 1: Assess Commitment For two weeks, Coach Jones limits his new athletes to bodyweight and core exercises. This period is all about attendance. Teaching weightlifting technique is time consuming, and Jones wants to invest his efforts into athletes who [...]

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USA Weightlifting’s New Athlete Development Sites

On October 16, 2017, USA Weightlifting (USAW) announced 13 Athlete Development Sites located in the West and Southeast United States.  The announcement of these sites raised a number of questions: What will the sites be used for? Who can attend events at the sites? What kinds of events will be hosted at the sites? How [...]

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7 Solutions for Youth Weightlifting Programs

All weightlifting programs face certain challenges, such as making enough money to keep the gym open, attracting new members, and raising funds to travel to competitions. Youth weightlifting programs, however, face special challenges.  For instance, most youth weightlifters don’t have their own money or transportation.  Many youth lifters do not practice good nutrition and some [...]

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Who will go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of the sport of weightlifting.  It is the opportunity for weightlifters to own a piece of glory, to forever commemorate their dedication to the sport.  Being an Olympian is the most exclusive title within the sport.  Plenty of weightlifters can claim participation in world championship events, but very few [...]

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Creating Champions: The Garage Strength Way

Dane Miller, owner of Garage Strength in Pennsylvania, coaches some of the most successful young weightlifters in the United States today.  Miller’s athletes have claimed national and international weightlifting medals and include members of USA Weightlifting’s Junior National Team.  Five of Miller’s athletes were on Team USA's 20-person team at the 2017 Junior World Championships [...]

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5 Benefits of Training Backwards

The athletes of Lift for Life weightlifting club in St. Louis, Missouri, enter the gym and head straight to the squat rack to begin their training. Wait, what?!  Squats first? Traditional weightlifting training progresses from the most complex movements—the clean and jerk and the snatch—to less complex movements.  A typical training session in any weightlifting [...]

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