13 Protein Snacks for Youth Athletes

Youth athletes, especially youth weightlifters, have higher protein requirements than their non-athletic peers.  In How Much Protein Do Youth Weightlifters Need? Dr. Mark Lavallee, Chairman of the USA Weightlifting Sports Medicine Society, recommends consuming 1 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of lean muscle mass per day. The muscles, however, can only absorb a certain [...]

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Programming Pointers from Hassle Free Barbell

A good coach is always searching for the best tools for his athletes.  One tool is the plan, or program, used to develop an athlete.  A good program generates growth while keeping the athlete injury-free.  As mentioned in an earlier article, a weightlifting program is not like a cookie cutter.  A plan designed for one [...]

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Carlos Millen – January 2018 Featured Athlete

Carlos Millen Jr., our latest featured athlete.  Carlos is a 17 year old weightlifter from Hardeeville, South Carolina and is currently competing in the 62kg weight class.  Carlos trains at Performance Initiative in Savannah, Georgia with Coach Kerri Goodrich. When did you get started in this sport? I started lifting weights about 2 ½  years [...]

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Growing Trees: Developing versus Discovering New Talent

"Everybody wants to own a forest, but nobody wants to grow the trees," weightlifting Coach Boris Urman has observed.  Every weightlifting coach wants a team of strong, mature lifters, but fewer coaches are willing to work with youth weightlifters. Urman, of Shawnee, Kansas, has spent over 30 years developing youth weightlifters.  He has helped [...]

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Representing in South America

In December 2017, Team USA sent four Under 15 lifters to Lima, Peru to compete in the South American Junior & Youth Championships & Tamas Ajan Cup on December 13-17: Haley Trinh - 53kg Abby Raymond - 58kg Dean Goad - 69kg Julia Yun - +75kg All four lifters represented Team USA admirably bringing home [...]

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Programming for Youth Weightlifters

When it comes to youth weightlifting, the first question people ask is: Is weightlifting safe for children? The next question is: How do you program for youth weightlifters? I answered the safety question in another article.  I have not written on the second question until now, however, because it is complicated. A weightlifting program is [...]

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The Mind of an Olympian: An Interview with Hidilyn Diaz

If I had to pick one word to describe three-time Olympian, Hidilyn Diaz, I would choose "gracious."  Hidilyn is visiting Guam for the week, and she agreed to let me interview her before her weightlifting practice.  Unfortunately, I didn't think things through very well, and I ended up conducting the interview while sitting on some [...]

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Picking Up Metal: Youth Weightlifting in the Philippines

This is Lovely, an accomplished 13-year old Filipino weightlifter.  She has won numerous championship titles, including the Philippine youth national championship.  Lovely trains with Team Angono six days a week, 2 hours a day.  She is currently on the waiting list for the Philippine national team. This is Lovely's home.            [...]

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New Predictions for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

In early October, we made predictions for who would represent the United States at the Youth Olympic Games in Who will Go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games? At the time of these predictions, however, only one of the three qualifying events had occurred.  Now, after the second qualifying event--the Pan American Youth Championships in Columbia (October [...]

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