youthweightlifting.com is a collaboration between the Friend and Moussiaux families

The Friends

A message from the Friends …

Why youthweightlifting.com?  Youthweightlifting.com was created to collect athlete experiences, share expert advice from those in the community and answer your questions related to youth weightlifting.

  • Parents want to know . . . Is weightlifting safe for my child?
  • Coaches want to know . . . How do I deal with the unique challenges of teaching weightlifting to kids?
  • Youth weightlifters want to know . . . who are the other lifters and what are they doing?

In December 2013, I introduced my son, Hutch, to the sport of weightlifting when I entered the two of us into a local competition.

Two days before the meet, I taught Hutch the lifts, and we competed.  The competition itself was unmemorable, but the passion it sparked in my son changed both of our lives.

Five years later, Hutch, his sister, Emilia, and I train together 12-15 hours a week.  We work; we laugh; and sometimes we ditch the planned workout in favor of a spontaneous contest.

Over the years, we have competed in the United States, Germany, and Oceania.  We have observed numerous coaching styles, benefited from many athlete experiences, and met wonderful supporters of the sport.  We now want to give back to the community by sharing some of this information.

I have observed that weightlifting is an isolated sport.  Small groups or individuals train with their coaches for hours, having little interaction with other lifters.  When weightlifters get together, they become instant friends, connected by a passion for the sport. This isolation, however, makes it difficult to share information.

While there are plenty of resources geared toward adult weightlifters, it is difficult to find information relating to younger lifters.  I have spent many hours researching, talking to experienced coaches, and experimenting to find answers to questions related to youth weightlifting.  Through my efforts I have uncovered a few things:

  1. The answers are there! They are not necessarily apparent or easy to understand, but I have found great resources that make a world of difference.
  2. Sometimes the answers are held by older, experienced coaches who aren’t writing internet blogs or online articles.They want to share, but have had—until now—only a limited ability for widespread sharing.
  3. Everyone in the youth weightlifting community has something to contribute—a story, training pointers, or advice for other lifters. Many of these people need a medium to reach a larger group of youth weightlifters.

We created youthweightlifting.com to collect these experiences, simplify complex information, share expert advice from those in the community and answer your youth weightlifting questions.

The Moussiauxs

Liv Moussiaux - Sleeping at 2014 Iron Egg Weightlifting Competition

A message from the Moussiauxs …

We fell into the world of weightlifting as a result of an intentional accident.

Our introduction to the sport began in 2012 in Rochester, Michigan.  A friend of a friend opened up a crossfit box in town and invited us to come check it out.  Initially, didn’t pay any attention to the offer—I hadn’t heard of crossfit nor was I gifted with any real athletic ability.  My wife, Courtney, on the other hand, saw it as an opportunity for our growing family!

Four of our oldest kids started participating in their youth fitness classes and were—to my amazement and gratefulness—embraced by, and immersed themselves in, this gym and its other members (very few of which, btw, were other kids).  It didn’t take long and they were all in!

This cocktail of youth and muscle, of competition and community and of dedication and determination has taught us quite a bit about growth, maturity, humility and sacrifice—both on and off the platform.

Today, when asked about weightlifting, two words inevitably come to mind: (1) character, and (2) community.  These two words embody the fruit that this sport has provided our family.

So, for us, the byproduct of weightlifting has been as much (if not more) about internal strength as it has been about external strength.

Weightlifting. Builds. Character.  Over the years we have seen tremendous growth in our children’s character.  And, much of this growth is attributable to weightlifting.  From the work ethic developed in training session to the drive established in the quest to excel, and from the honor forged in defeat to the confidence exemplified in doing something you love—weightlifting builds character.  These are traits that can only be learned, characteristics that will help mold the future and qualities that will help mold strong men and women of character.

Weightlifting. Builds. Community.  Be it the friendships that are forged in the gym or the relationships that are cultivated between an athlete and his or her coach, weightlifting is in the business of building communities.  We have seen this firsthand, being blessed with a couple of coaches who have invested heavily in our family, mentoring our children and pouring into them year after year.

Although I’m sure that youthweightlifting.com will provide you with a high quality resource for all of your on the platform needs, I do hope that it also inspires and encourages growth off the platform.

Please feel free to share your stories with us—we’d love to hear them!  We’re always available at youthweightlifting@gmail.com or use the hashtag #youthweightlifting on social media.

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