New Predictions for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

In early October, we made predictions for who would represent the United States at the Youth Olympic Games in Who will Go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games?

At the time of these predictions, however, only one of the three qualifying events had occurred.  Now, after the second qualifying event–the Pan American Youth Championships in Columbia (October 21-28, 2017)–new athletes are eligible.

There are now 3 female and 4 male athletes who are eligible to represent the United States at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

Who is in the Lead?

Currently, Taylor Babb is the most eligible female, with a 95% of chance of securing a 4th place finish at the Youth Olympic Games.  However, Emma Nye and Athena Schrijver are not far behind, with a 98% and 95% chance respectively of a 6th place finish.

Jerome Smith is the most eligible male athlete, with a 98% chance of placing fourth at the competition.  The other male candidates, however, remain serious contenders.  Stephen Short (98.5% chance of finishing 6th), Antwan Kilbert (97.7% chance of finishing 7th), and Seth Tom (92.8% chance of finishing 10th) will be working hard to go the Games.

It’s Not Over Yet!

The final qualifying event–the 2018 Youth Pan American Championships–will identify a fresh new wave of talent.  Most of the athletes who participated in the first two qualifying events will age out of the Youth Division on December 31, 2017, making room for new talented weightlifters.

There are two qualification events for the 2018 Youth Pan American Championship: the American Open Final (December 2017) and the Junior National Championship (February 2018).

To read more about the selection process for the Youth Olympic Games, read Who will Go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games?


For full details on qualification and selection for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, see USA Weightlifting’s Selection Procedures for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

If you can’t find the answer to your question there, contact Phil Andrews at

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