Understanding USA Weightlifting’s Stipend System

In 2016, USA Weightlifting created a stipend program to support its elite athletes. The payments are intended to offset the training and competition expenses of athletes who may represent the USA in international competitions, with the intent of increasing the number of medals won at the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

USAW offers two options for stipends:

1. Percentage Program: If a youth athlete accomplishes a total that is within 85% of the Bronze medal average at the Olympic Games & World Championships, the athlete can re-ceive a stipend of $1500 per month.

2. Incentive Payment Program: If a youth athlete accomplishes a qualifying total (see chart below) at a qualifying event, the athlete can receive a stipend between $50 and $150 per month.

Please note, an athlete can only receive funding under one of the two programs at a time.

The system, however, is somewhat complicated to follow. Use this flowchart to see if you are eligible for some of the support that USAW is currently offering.

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Susan Friend is a weightlifter, coach, and weightlifting enthusiast. Susan has participated in both the U.S. and German weightlifting systems, along with her son, Hutch, who holds four U.S. Youth National Championship titles and one German Youth National Championship title.

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